YES! I want to know about your dirty laundry. Literally.
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How many times do you wear your clothes in between washes/dry cleans? *

How can you tell your clothes are dirty? *

Do you know that certain clothes shouldn't be washed after every wear? *

Would you find a system that tells you how many times you’ve worn an item between washes helpful?

Yes, because...

No, because...

If you can make your clothes last longer by washing them less often, would you? *

Do the cost savings of doing laundry less often matter or appeal to you? *

Does the environmental impact (water, electricity, etc.) of doing laundry less often matter or appeal to you? *

What gender do you identify as? *

What age range do you fit in? *

What's your daily attire? *

Do you know of existing applications to track number of wears between washes / dry cleans? If yes, please list them below.

Please feel free to share additional comments.

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